Which barbecue for your grill? Wood burning, gas or...pellet?


Cooking the own mixed grill, sipping a cool drink while in the garden of our friends are having fun is one of the typical summer pleasures of our culture. Sunday dedicated to barbeue is a must for the warmer months. But, if you like to grill, for sure you were often intrigued by the differences between the various types of barbecue. A wood burning, gas or pellet ...? Let's try to understand what are the differences between the barbecue and why Line Grilly is innovative.

Wood burning barbecue

If you are romantic, and you have a lot of time and space available, you probably prefer to cook with this type of grill using wood. What there is better to observe the fire and relax, waiting for the formation of the embers to lay our spareribs on the grill? If you are a barbecue chef, maybe this is your favorite barbecue. But if the embers is not your thing, and you can not define yourself Grill King, better opt for charcoal. Easier to light, of greater availability and lower cost. With winds EUR your grilled meat is on the plate! With your hands a little dirty, but so much satisfaction. This type of barbecue takes a long time before it is ready for cook. Have you it?

Gas barbecue

You do not have much time, and not even so much space? You do not like to clean your grill from the embers? Well, maybe the gas barbecue is right for you. Cleaner, easier to use, faster to turn. Beware however to your pockets: it is much more expensive than grilled made on the wood and is it more difficult to maintain.

Pellet barbecue

And now we talk about the pellet barbecue, perhaps still little known. Yet we believe it truly innovative. Little the free time and the desire to clean up? You do not have much space and you can not install a wood-burning barbecue? This is a barbecue for you. Just try it, taste is no exception. It warms in a few minutes, you can easily clean, economic, ecological and portable. Let's see it in detail.

Combustion system

Thanks to its innovative combustion system, based on pyrolysis, is first of all possible to cook without producing smoke. You will can cook on the terrace, in the yard, in the garden without disturbing the neighbors. This brings with it another advantage. The high security of this type of barbecue. There are no connections for gas, there is no presence of electric current and there is no direct contact with the fire or embers.

Installation and cleaning

A bbq fast to use and install. In a few minutes, thanks to the type of combustion, is ready for to cook.


The pellet is a natural combustile that, thanks to the high yield, can lead to a considerable advantage in economic terms. For only 50 cents you can get a perfect mixed grill. Two hours of battery life on a single charge.

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