All the secrets for a great grilled fish

Perfect as an appetizer or summer second meal, the mix grilled fish is a good opportunity to share with friends, especially in the hot summer evenings.
Surely the quality, the freshness and the cooking point of the fish are the cornerstones for getting juicy and not stringy meats. In fact, unsuitable or overcooked fishes tend to dry up, attack, and inevitably to melt fall to pieces, so the solution is to start from the right choices.

But what fishes do you can choose?

Whole fish: they are the hardest to handle. Among these are several examples of blue fish that is considered the king of the grill: anchovies, herring, sardines, mackerel, tuna, etc ... Whole fish should be cleaned and rinsed well inside; the scales should be left intact to protect the meat from burns and then eliminate they, along with the skin, at the end of cooking. One hour before of the cooking the fish must be sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil, flavored with parsley or with sage, thyme and rosemary; before putting it on the grill, it must be drained so to prevent that the oil, falling over the embers, causes of the blazes, burning the fish.
The fish must cooked at moderate heat and distant from the embers; sometimes must be turn it gently and gently and brushed with little extra virgin olive oil.
Slices: The fat fishes make good, the only thing to consider for the slices is the thickness, which must be at least of 4 cm in order to hold the cooking and not to become stringy, such as swordfish, palombo, tuna or ricciola. You can marinade with olive oil, lemon, garlic, parsley, sage, rosemary, salt and pepper for about an hour, drain them and then cook them on the grill for ten minutes, turning them very often. Or simply brush them only with olive oil  because will be the fat naturally contained in the meat to give tenderness and flavor.
If instead you want to cook some fish fillets, it's good to have them marinated for a short time (fish meats absorb the marinade faster) having the wisdom to cut the skin so that it penetrates well.
Crustaceans: crustaceans such as prawns, king prawns, scampi are great on the grill and do not require any special adaptations. You can cook they with the shell, after removing the heads and leaving them to marinate for half an hour with oil and lemon, or shell them, insert them into four or five on a skewer and bake them for only a few minutes. Instead, it is advisable to avoid lobster because their meat is too tender.
Molluscs: The best suited to the strong heat of the grill are cuttlefish, octopus and calamari, better if small, so that they can be cooked for a few minutes without to get rubbery. You can also brush with little oil and bake for very short times.

After cooking, before serving...

The grilled fish is served hot and accompanied by an emulsion made with oil, salt and pepper; To this sauce, you can add lemon juice, garlic, parsley or aromatic herbs. It should be remembered that the fish should be salted at the end of cooking.

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