Sauces barbecue: white meats

The sauces are tasty and simple preparations to take on the table, perfect for enriching each recipe. Ideal for creating contrasts and shades of flavor, they can be the ideal and original touch to make our meat special.

After proposing a series of recipes to prepare great sauces to match with red meats, we will also present you a number of tips on how to get the perfect and creamy sauces particularly suited to accompany white meats, including:

Mint sauce
The mint sauce is typical of ethnic recipes, especially Indian, and this will allow you to give Mediterranean or Middle Eastern touch to your grilled meats.
It is prepared by chopping a bunch of fresh mint into which you must add one teaspoon of sugar, three tablespoons of white apple vinegar and three of oil. Then you will need to adjust salt and pepper. More than a sauce is a very liquid and oily condiment, so it is perfect to temper and refresh meats with intense flavor such as lamb or kid.

Tartar sauce
Tartar sauce is traditionally used to flavor the fish, it also excels with grilled meat. Perfect for the red meats but also great with white ones. It is a light and thick sauce made from mayonnaise with the addition of chopped cucumbers, capers, onions (or chives). There are varieties that include chopped boiled eggs, olives, horseradish, vinegar and often mustard used as an emulsifier.

Pepper sauce
The white meats, such as turkey and chicken, can be exalted by the contrast created with a sweet-soured sauce. Once the peppers are cleaned and cut into thin slices, they have to be cooked slowly in a pan together with fine cut onion and plenty of olive oil to which will then be added a spoonful of water. When the vegetables will be soft, just add a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of vinegar and a sugar, and let it to brown for another 5 minutes. Before serving, it is necessary to blend the sauce.
The sauce can also be enriched with the addition of some fresh tomatoes, left it dry with peppers and onions.

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