Pellet barbecue

The pellet barbecue uses pellet as a combustible, a non-polluting natural material that has a high calorific power. This allows you to keep the heat in your barbecue for a long time and thus to make the best use of the grill.

This type of barbecue is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows you to cook a wide range of foods, so you can grill all types of meats (turkey, fish, calf, pork, skewers), or vegetables (gratinéed or stuffed) quickly, practically and with optimal results.


The pellet is an excellent combustible that perfectly replaces the wood. The combustion of this material does not have an unpleasant odor, but guarantees, like other used combustibles, an excellent cooking level. 

The pellet is the combustible that is obtained from the dried and pressed wood biomass to form small cylinders. Having a low humidity content has a high energy density, equivalent to twice as much of other combustibles as wood, gas or coal. In fact, thanks to its high calorific power, the grill warms up quickly with a modest amount and the heat is maintained for a long time.

The pellet used for cooking food is not the same as it is used to heat buildings but is specific and selected for the aromatic properties so that it is ideal for to charbroil meat, fish and game.

The peculiarity of different types of barbecue pellet lies in the fact that, during combustion, they release fumes that allow to smoke the foods. There are so barbecue pellet to the oregano, rosemary, sage, juniper and laurel. In general, for the choice of the pellet are indicated processings with oak essence, alder and beech.

With the pellet, because of indirect cooking, it is possible to preserve the food even from the flames: by cooking the meat, the fat comes into contact with a flame and works as a combustible, causing the flame to propagate to the cooking food. In this way, the surface of the food tends to carbonate, creating a carcinogenic substance, but thanks to pellet barbecue, this phenomenon is rather contained .

Another good thing is that the ash residues are minimal, there is no need to clean large quantities as in the case of wood, there is no difficulty in finding it and has a somewhat lower purchase cost. In addition, the pellet guarantees higher cooking quality and greater safety than gas and coal, since there are no dangers of gas leaks or explosions due to the presence of burning charcoal, however, it is best to be careful not to place near to the barbecue flammable materials.

However, the choice is wide as there are numerous pellet barbecue models of various sizes and for all the needs. Who has a garden or a large terrace can choose the largest models to organize beautiful barbecues with many friends and those who only have a balcony can choose the smaller ones so that they do not give up the taste of grilled foods and pleasant moments of conviviality.

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