Grilled pizza: a new concept of pizza!

Whenever we wonder about barbecue, we immediately picture meat, fish or vegetables in our minds. However, barbecue can be employed to cook plenty of other food, incuding pizza. Believe it or not, it is really possible to grill amazing pizzas. 
Of course you need practice at the beginning but if you adopt just few tricks you could test yourself and have fun preparing plenty of different and delicious pizzas to taste if you are on holiday, if you are with your friends or if you just want to employ your barbecue in a different way. 
So here I will present you some suggestions for ingredients, preparation and cooking methods.
You can use the recipe you like better for your pizza dough taking into account that whole and corn flours should be favored: full of proteins, these kind of flour are the best for this purpose as they need more cooking time. Remember also to softly handle the dough and leave it to stand for at least a couple of hours. Eventually, roll your dough in a thin way. 
As far as mozzarella is concerned, you have various alternatives in order to make the best choice remembering however not to use very cold mozzarellas:
- The specific mozzarella for pizza (the one without whey);
- The regular mozzarella but you have to let it drain for at least half an hour in order to be employed; 
- The buffalo mozzarella, but you have to use it when pizza has already been cooked.
Later, the ingredients to be preferred for a grilled pizza are, apart from the classic tomato sauce and mozzarella, scamorza cheese, grilled eggplants and peppers and green olives. You need to remember also that all kind of meat and fish need to be precooked before employing them and you have to allocate them near the pizza borders to ease the cooking process. 
In order to obtain an optimal cooking, it should be useful to opt for a cover, to simulate the oven effect. Alternatively, if you wish to proceed without cover, you need to sear the base without condiments on the grill turning the dough to let it form the crust in both sides. Finally, put your pizza on the grill e let it there for a few minutes without exceeding with the heat. In fact, too high temperatures will lead the base to get burnt. 

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