How to clean your BBQ?

Organizing a barbecue is always a moment of happiness: in fact, it’s not just cooking for family and friends, barbecue implies to spend some time with your guests, enjoying their company while preparing the meal! It is a real entertainment! Everybody cooperates and participates in the set-up implementing their abilities: who prepares the table, who is in charge of marinating the meat, who cuts the vegetables and of course the real barbecue MasterChef. It is a collaborative flurry that involves everybody. This is exactly what we like the most about barbecues! The maximum of the satisfaction is reached when you finally taste the results of your long but amusing work!

Until here all is fine, but who will clean the barbecue when the party is over?

Today we are going to give you some small tips to wash effectively your barbecue with sustainable products, which you will find for sure in your house. This will allow you to sanitize it, granting also more longevity to your grill.

The cleaning method depends on the type of grill or barbecue employed, on the number of components and on the fuel supply. Normally the most suitable instruments to remove the oily traces or the residual scales are warm water, baking soda, vinegar, a scraper, a scapula, some old rags, some paper, which is a very useful tool to let the various instruments dry after having ended the cleaning process.

Start your cleaning preparing a cream made of vinegar, warm water and baking soda and let it sleep for a couple of minutes. In the mean time, try to remove the leftovers on the barbecue using a scraper and a scapula. Only when the barbecue is cold, spread the cream on it and after 5 minutes clean everything. Afterwards, let everything dry. Remember not to use abrasives as they could damage the surfaces.

Now your grill will be ready for next party! 

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