Secrets for a great barbecue

Get ready for the best barbecue of your life because reading this article you will discover all the secrets for a great BBQ of meat that will amaze your guests.

Let's start with the choice of meat.
All the best grills start in the supermarket. What meat to buy?
The beef is certainly to be preferred, as it supports cooking even at high temperatures. The cut is another element determining the success of your epic grill, so pay attention. There are several cuts that are recommended for cooking on the grill, but certainly are preferable fillets ... maybe with the bone.
In any self-respecting barbecue you can not miss the pork meat to be roasted. The classic ribs, for example, will surely satisfy all your guests.
For the lovers of the lamb we also definitely recommend the ribs, which can be grilled whole and divided into parts once cooked.
For those who wish, the variety of chicken and veal (only if properly marinated) and sausages in quantity can be added to the choice of meat.
In addition, if you like the color and convenience of the skewers pay attention to the combination of meat: some may require different cooking and it is better to prepare them by choosing the combinations.

The marinade
Another small secret to making a perfect barbecue is the marinade: it will enrich the flavor of the meat and keep it soft during cooking. The most classic provides olive oil, trio of aromatic herbs (rosemary, sage and bay leaf) a clove of garlic and wine. To avoid instead the salt, which must be added directly on the meat at the end of cooking. The residence time of the meat in the marinade will determine its taste: so be careful to leave the beef for at least 4 hours, while for the chicken and pork meat 2 are sufficient.

Used at the end of cooking to match grills, enhance the flavor of the meat with the different aromas. For each type of meat there is a sauce to be preferred, for red meat it is important to find combinations that do not cover the taste but exalt it, while in white meat sauces are creamy and tasty.

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Well, now that we have unveiled all the secrets for a great grilled meat, you just have to test yourself. Happy BBQ from Linea VZ!

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