8 tips for a healthier BBQ

The new season just started has brought with it the desire to organize fun BBQ evenings with friends in which to cook together with a chat and a few glasses of wine. Red and white meats are certainly among the most popular foods for barbecuing, even if many people doubt about the healthiness of this food cooking method.

How to make your BBQ healthier? Let's try with these 8 suggestions:

1. Banish sudden flare-ups
As you well know, the sudden flames coming from the grill can scorch and darken the food you are cooking, with consequent unhealthy effects for the dishes.

2. Always cook at low temperatures
When foods such as meat are in fact heated to high temperatures, the production of heterocyclic amines (HCA) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs and PAHs) are considered to be carcinogens.

3. Marinate the meat with oil and lemon
The marinating of red and white meat is essential not only for the distinctly tastier taste of the cooked dishes but also for the healthy effects that olive oil and lemon juice have on foods during cooking. According to some research, these two ingredients are able to reduce the formation of harmful substances up to 99%.

4. Prefer low-fat foods
In choosing grilled food, surely one of our tips can not be missing the care in the choice. So prefer foods like vegetables, lean cuts of red meat, chicken meat and fish.

5. Beware of excess fat
If the cut of meat is particularly fat, pay attention to the excess parts. The fat may be clearly visible when cutting meat before cooking and it is advisable to remove it with a knife before starting cooking.

6. Add aromatic herbs
Flavoring food with the addition of aromatic herbs during cooking, as well as enhancing the taste more contributes to the reduction of harmful substances naturally produced by food during heating. Among the most recommended aromatic herbs we find basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage. They can preferably be used fresh before marinating and during cooking.

7. Do not cook vegetables too much
Also with regard to vegetables, cooking should not be too long and at high temperatures, as vitamins C and B degrade with heat rather quickly.

8. Always clean the barbecue after use
The barbecue must always be cleaned before and after use, in order to safely remove any leftovers from burnt food, a source of harmful substances.

Try to follow these 8 tips during your next barbecue and tell us the result!

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