Get ready for the cold season with a Linea VZ’s stove!

Do you like the sensation of wood, waking up every morning to charge your stove? Or would you rather prefer a more practical approach, such as programming the lighting time to find your place already warm coming back home from work?

How do you choose the right stove?

Three main factors will help us select the most suitable stove:

  • USE: First, it must be considered the location we want to heat.
    If it is situated on an unique floor, a ventilated stove will be enough. In the case of two or more floors a canalized stove will allow us to spread the warmth on the other rooms of the house through additional fans linked to the main system.
    According to the degree of thermic insulation of roof and walls, we will need a more (or less) powerful stove, according to how much the building will be able to retain heat.
  • CHIMNEY POSITION: The most important factor for a stove installation, the chimney reaches the top of the roof and its length might be subject to many deviations. The chimney positioning and its number of deviations heavily influence the choice of the stove.


Wood Stove 

Almost all of the Linea VZ’s wood stoves are set for forced air ventilation, which allows an increased calorific yield with respect to natural convection stoves.
What does it mean? Forced Air Ventilation Stoves possess an electric ventilator that, through a thermostat, activate itself when the internal temperature reaches 122 °F, and continuously spreads warmth across the space.

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Pellet stoves

The pellet stove is the most innovative, ecofriendly, and cheap heating system available on the market, be it a Ventilation, Hydric or Canalized model. A control panel allows to manage its main functionalities, such as lighting and turning off.

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