If you have a design décor, choose from our pellet stoves

Forget about your grandma’s old stove. Our brand new Pellet Stoves are future-oriented pieces of design that will still give you the ancient and hypnotic pleasure of the flame, while improving your home style.

Let’s learn more about the main models:



Cosmo’s clean and essential lines seems to be drawn on its serigraphed glass cover.
As well as beautiful, Cosmo is small-sized too: with its 26 cm depth, it is well suited for small locations and apartments.

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Just like a beautiful painting, the Quadra model can be applied to the wall in order to enhance its linear design and glass-made details.
Both its mirroring effect and shape make it a nice aesthetical choice for different locations.

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The Slim stove model is characterised by soft and sinuous lines, and a covering painted metal foil around its structure.
With only 25 cm depth, we can clearly say it’s one of the least invasive stoves you can find.

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The Glass model has an even more slimming effect, given its 26 cm recess.
Its innovative glass made cover makes it perfectly suitable for various interior styles.

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