The Evolution of the Fireplace:

The future of indoor heating is heading toward green solutions that will allow a correct consumptions management and will guarantee a good heating spread in the house.
The Monobloc is considered as the evolution of the traditional chimney, since it is an innovative production and heating management system with the ancient fashion of the flame, an unique advanced system that combines both respect for the nature and thermic benefit.

Introducing the Monobloc, an unique solution that absorbs air from the outside, heats it on the inside, and releases it into the room with a fan.

Excellent Performance
Design and performance are the main principles of the Monobloc, the only product capable of technologically improving the functionalities of the classic fireplace, while keeping its old fashion.
The high calorific yield is managed by a warm air channeling that allows to heat many rooms inside a building. The same materials (cast iron and fire-resistant material) the fireplace is made of allow to store a huge quantity of heat and progressively distribute it through convection and thermal radiation.

Many Advantages
There are many advantages derived from the installation of a Monobloc. One of them is costs-related, since expenses of a Monobloc are substantially inferior to those of a traditional methane, gas or fossil fueled system.
Additionally, the energy savings from the machine and the overall quality of the materials burnt decrease the polluting impact on the air. Pellet and wood only produce carbon dioxide and steam, which leads to a reduced production of harmful substances and a lessened environmental impact.
The last main advantage is its ease of use, given its automatization and control systems.

How can I have it?
If you came to the conclusion that the Monobloc system is what suits you the most, you have to verify the existence of chimneys in the building.
Every heat generator must dispose of its smokes through its own system; that’s why you have to keep in mind the following things:
• Chimney’s dimension;
• Its height from the roof to the chimney stack;
• Spread of the air outtake.

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