Chimney Maintenance: what are the Good Practices?

The chimney is the fundamental element for the installation and good functioning of stoves and fireplaces. However, it needs a periodic maintenance to properly function.

Before Winter starts, it is appropriate (as well as required by the Law) to clean our chimney.
This is an ordinary maintenance operation that will affect the forced draught of the smokes, and as such it must be done by qualified personal with the right instruments.
In order to be sure that the cleaning operation is properly performed we suggest to contact external professional companies, which will proceed to verify the existence of wasps’ or birds’ nests, as well as ash build-ups. Usually, companies use specific technologies such as microcameras that allow to detect obstructions and anomalies. Sometimes, an extraordinary maintenance may be necessary, usually due to the user’s negligence.
But still, which are the good practices for a chimney’s correct use?

•  Using good quality wood and pellet, avoiding too resinous materials that could cause a build-up of soot and sticky layers;
•  Keeping the valves open during the draught phase, which will kindle the fire quickly, and close them once the chimney will be warm enough. This ensures a slow and regular combustion that will preserve the well condition of the chimney itself;
•  Periodically check that the blocking bands are correctly anchoring the structure to the wall.

The most frequent symptoms of a poorly functioning or dirty chimney are a strong smell of smoke inside the house and the presence of ash in the aftermath, after the combustion.

Be sure to follow these simple rules for a correct maintenance!

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