Ducted pellet stove

Is it possible to install a pellet stove that responds to the heating of several rooms or even more floors of the house? Absolutely yes, through a model of channeled stove. This type of stoves are a real revolution in terms of domestic heating and are associated with numerous advantages.

How does a ducted pellet stove work?
The ducted pellet stove works through a system of pipes that "channel" the air and transport it to more rooms or floors of the house.
Thanks to the customization of the installation, it is possible to foresee that some rooms are more heated than others and where it is possible, the pipes can be laid under the floor, in order to minimize the intervention and make it less invasive. Another solution is to pass the pipes on the ceiling, hiding them behind a special plasterboard coating, in order to reduce their visual impact. The entry of the heat into the rooms will be through grids (in steel or matching the wall), the location of which will be studied taking into account several factors, including the size of the rooms and their adjacency with the other rooms.

Advantages of a ducted pellet stove

  • It is an ecological system: CO2 emissions are in fact much lower than other heating systems. A ducted pellet stove respects the environment!
  • It's an economic system: the heating costs are really low, the pellet is a fuel easy to find at low prices and its efficiency is very good. A ducted pellet stove saves money!
  • It is an autonomous system: the operation of a ducted pellet stove can be programmed according to the needs, setting it starting from certain hours of the day or as we deem it appropriate.

Choice of the ducted pellet stove
Linea VZ offers many models of ducted pellet stove, to choose the right model it is essential to know the size of the room to be heated and based on it to calculate the heating needs of the home.

Let's find out two of our models prepared for channeling:



Thanks to the special equipment of an auxiliary fan, its only 25 cm depth becomes a source of heat for the other rooms and floors of the house.
Discover it here:

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Powerful ducted pellet stove, with a tempered glass coating that increases its elegance and makes it suitable for all types of modern environments.
Discover it here:

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