Christmas legends and traditions in front of the fireplace

A burning fire goes off Christmas, nothing warms up the atmosphere like the fire burning with burning heat. Sitting in front of the fireplace, perhaps with a cup of chocolates in hand, is the most shared image of Christmas, which combine the lights, snow, childrens gifts, Santa Claus myth and fairy tales with this warm emotion.

How many of you love to hang Christmas socks at the fireplace?
Ready to be filled with sweets and gifts, they are a symbol of Christmas. The story of this ancient tradition is related to many popular legends, one of which tells that during the Christmas night the poorest people left their shoes off the door and the generous riches went to leave gifts, food and money, doing become special that night even to the most unlucky ones. We do not know if the tradition comes from here, but in any case we can not do without the stockings hung in the fireplace: red and green, striped or reindeer designed, the socks hanging on our fireplace are a Christmas tradition to which we can give up.

A kiss under the mistletoe: where did tradition come from?
The use of the mistletoe as a symbol of Christmas has very ancient origins and seems to be linked to a legend about the Anglo-Saxon Freya goddess. The Goddess had two sons, a good and a bad one who, by envy of his brother, wanted to kill him as loved by all. Having learned about Loki's projects (the bad son), Freya asked for fire, water, earth and air to protect Balder (her good son). Loki, however, discovered that a plant had been excluded from the protection request: the mistletoe. By twisting the branches he managed to create a sharp dart, with which he killed his brother. But the mother's tears in contact with the mistletoe turned into berries that magically resumed her good son's life. From that day Freya thanked everyone who passed under the mistletoe with a kiss.

Traditional, shabby chic or Nordic style: it’s Christmas tree!
One of the most representative symbols of Christmas is left to the different stylistic and design interpretations that relate to the more classical models, to the achievement of essential solutions. The most traditional colors are red, blue, gold and silver, but also white is used in recent years between Christmas decorations, especially for its predisposition to come up with tints and natural materials such as wood, pine cones, berries and barks. What is the best place to put your Christmas tree? Of course in front of the fireplace. Discover the VZ Line!


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