Prismatic firebox

Prismatic steel firebox fitted with adjustable feet, with cast-iron combustion chamber, can be installed on 45° corners or on the wall. Ceramic glass door resistant to 800°C with slide-up opening and swing opening for cleaning the large glass surface that offers a view of the flame across a wide angle.  Complete with 800 m3/h forced ventilation kit.

Technical features

The firebox is supplied complete with:
1 x 800 m3/h electric fan - 2 white adjustable air outlets with damper and ø 140 mm fitting - 1 control unit with speed controller - 3 x ø 140 mm pipes, 1.5 m long - 7 pipe clamps - 1 white indoor air intake without damper, with ø 140 mm fitting.

Flue specifications:
inside diameter ø 20, ø 25
height 6 m and over, 3 - 6 m

Technical specifications

Nominal heat output

Kw 16,5

Overall efficiency


Optimal wood consumption

Kg/H 5-6


mc/h 800

Fan power

Watt 125


Dba 59

Max. heated space

mc. 412

Flue gas outlet

Ø mm 250

Outdoor air intake

Ø mm 140

Indoor air intake

Ø mm 140


kg 230

Combustion chamber inside dimensions

cm 85x52


This model is available with cast-iron combustion chamber.


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