Ovens for family use

Linea VZ traditional wood-burning ovens combine technology with thousands of years of experience, to create the unmistakeable flavour of cooking with wood
To try, rediscover, taste and live.

Our traditional wood-burning ovens will help you rediscover the flavour of bread, pizza and roasts that you had perhaps forgotten.

A ll of our wood-burning ovens for family are made entirely using a special mix of high-alumina and vibrated, fused cement refractory castable, able to withstand high temperatures and ensuring the oven maximum performance, solidity and long life.

The height of the dome from the oven floor and its parabolic shape ensure uniform heat across the floor, meaning perfectly cooked food.
The steel door with practical thermometer makes cooking simpler and easier to keep under control.
Our ovens can be installed both outdoors, with appropriate protection, and indoors, and retain heat for a long time, ensuring uniform cooking.

The height of the dome from the oven floor and its parabolic shape ensure uniform heat across the thick floor, which in turn accumulates sufficient heat to manage peaks in cooking demand without declines in performance

Linea VZ professional ovens reduce wood consumption by half compared to other same-sized ovens.


Some installation examples

These illustrations are simply an example of the thousand ways our ovens can be finished and installed to match any type of furnishing.

The right way to use Linea VZ ovens

After installing the oven, it needs to be heated up gradually in order to slowly eliminate all the moisture it contains and to avoid exposing the refractory material to sudden high temperatures.
Place a few pieces of wood (max 1.5 kg), preferably beech (the most commonly used type of wood for ovens) in the middle of the oven, light a small fire and let it burn slowly.

For an even simpler and extremely safe process, place an electric heater or stove in the oven and close the door, making sure that the temperature does not exceed 100°/120°; the oven will then be ready to use for cooking. The fire can be lit on either the left or right side as desired. Once the fire has been lit on the chosen side, keep feeding it slowly, so as to uniformly heat the oven. Remember to close the oven properly when finished, so that it will still be warm the day after and the ideal temperature can be reached more quickly (the perfect temperature for cooking pizza is 300/350° C).

The colour of the dome indicates when the oven has reached the right temperature. Initially the dome is dark, then, as it gradually heats up, it becomes lighter in colour, and when quite light in colour, the oven is ready. There must be always a small and constant flame in the oven, which both keeps it at the right temperature and acts as a source of light to check when the pizzas are ready.
Pizzas are cooked in ovens by CONDUCTION, receiving heat from the floor, by CONVECTION, absorbing the heat inside the oven, and by RADIATION, receiving the heat radiated by the dome.

These three types of heat, plus the high temperature, are essential for cooking pizza the right way. After around 1/2 minutes the pizza should be turned around 180° in the oven, always putting it back in the same place, as the wall exposed to the fire receives more heat, making cooking faster. When the whole pizza is well cooked, it can be taken out of the oven and served hot. Use a brass brush to clean the oven floor. Do not wash it with water, and do not bang it with the pizza peel.

Ovens for family use
11 Ovens for family use


  • Oven dimensionsL97 • P 129 • H 54 cm
  • Weight 340 Kg
  • Cooking surface Ø cm


  • Oven dimensionsL 119 • P 154 • H 60,5 cm
  • Weight 480 Kg
  • Cooking surface Ø cm 107


  • Oven dimensionsL 119 • P 204 • H 60,5 cm
  • Weight 610 kg
  • Cooking surface cm 107x160


  • Oven dimensionsL 68 • P 90 • H 46,5 cm
  • Weight 200 kg
  • Cooking surface cm 56x61


  • Oven dimensionsL 88 • P 106 • H 51 cm
  • Weight 420 kg
  • Cooking surface cm 72x70


  • Oven dimensionsL 88 • P 141 • H 51 cm
  • Weight 490 kg
  • Cooking surface cm 72x105


  • Oven dimensionsL 107 • p 118 • H 228 cm
  • Weight 980 kg
  • Cooking surface cm 70x70


  • Oven dimensionsL 107 • P 153 • H 228 cm
  • Weight 1060 kg
  • Cooking surface cm 72x105


  • Oven dimensionsL 94 • P 103 • H 207 cm
  • Weight 690 kg
  • Cooking surface cm 55x59


  • Oven dimensionsL 120 • P 138 • H 75/120
  • Weight 770 kg
  • Cooking surface Ø 85


  • Oven dimensiosL 107 • P 118 • H 61/113
  • Weight 800 kg
  • Cooking surface 70x70

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