COD. 13380
Medium-sized precast wood-fired oven for outdoors and indoors.
Its special, easy-to-assemble structure makes it ideal for installation both outdoors, in the garden, or inside the home. Supplied complete with lining, it does not require costly made-to- measure finishes once installed. The internal structure of the oven comprises a dome and cooking surface made from high-alumina refractory castable. A concrete dome makes up the outside of the oven. The oven is complete with rock wool thermal insulation, faux brick-colour expanded clay aggregate entry arch, steel door with thermometer, fastening brackets, stainless steel chimney and chimney pot.
The height of the dome from the oven floor and its parabolic shape ensure uniform heat across the floor, meaning perfectly cooked food.
Technical specifications

Oven dimensions

L 107 • P 118 • H 61/113
con canna fumaria


800 kg

Cooking surface

70x70 cm

Round chimney vent

Ø 16 cm

Inside H

35 cm

Entry dimensions

45x24 cm

Cooking capacity

fino a 3 pizze da Ø 25 cm

Packaging dimensions

L 110 • P 130 • H 100 cm 

Caratteristiche ForniRound chimney vent
Caratteristiche ForniPrecast oven
Caratteristiche ForniTo be painted using quartz paint
Caratteristiche ForniComplete with lining


2 refractory floor slabs; 2 refractory domes; 1 refractory back slab; 1 front panel with door attachment; 2 arches with chimney vent; 1 clay front panel; 1 chimney connector; 2 clay domes; 1 clay back slab; 1 finished entry arch; 1 steel door; 1 thermometer; fastening brackets; 1 stainless steel chimney with chimney pot; rock wool insulation; 1 kg of quartz ochre paint.

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