COD. 43794
Small-sized precast outdoor bread and pizza oven, made from special refractory cement, clay and marmorino lining featuring very high heat resistance and mechanical strength, already competely coloured in the mixture. Combustion chamber made from special refractory material with very high heat resistance, brick-colour expanded clay aggregate entry arch, stainless steel chimney and chimney pot. Supplied with steel door with thermometer and “Linea Fix” adhesive for assembly.
Dati tecnici

Oven dimensions

L 94 • P 103 • H 207 cm


690 kg

Cooking surface

cm 55x59

Round chimney vent

Ø cm 14

Inside H

35 cm

Entry dimension

cm 45x25

Cooking capacity

fino a 2 pizze da Ø 20 cm

Packaging dimensions

1 plt: L 82 • P 60 • H 150 cm

Caratteristiche ForniRound chimney vent
Caratteristiche ForniPrecast oven
Caratteristiche ForniLining made using marble chips
Caratteristiche ForniComplete with lining

ASSEMBLY COMPONENTS Base support side section
2.7. Base support rear section
4.5. Base support horizontal section
9. Floor slab
10 Cooking surface
11. Entry arch
12. Front lining
13. Left separator
14. Right separator
15. Front panel
16. 17.18.19. Cooking chamber vault
20. Cooking chamber rear section
21. Rear lining
22.23. Side lining
24.25. Side cover panel
27. Centre cover panel
28. Chimney
29. Chimney pot


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