COD. 43060
Rectangular, small-sized precast oven for family use, with dome made from high alumina and fused refractory cement castable, and refractory cooking surface. The height of the dome from the oven floor and its parabolic shape ensure uniform heat across the floor, meaning perfectly cooked food. The features of our ovens mean they can be installed both outdoors, with appropriate protection, and indoors, either alone or combined with fireplaces.
Technical specifications

Oven dimensions

L 68 • P 90 • H 46,5 cm


200 Kg

Cooking surface

cm 56x61

Round chimney vent

Ø cm 14

Inside H

cm 34,5

Entry dimensions

cm 35x24

Cooking capacity

fino a 2 pizze da Ø 20 cm

Packaging dimensions

L 90 • P 70 • H 60 cm

Caratteristiche ForniRound chimney vent
Caratteristiche ForniPrecast oven
Caratteristiche ForniMade from fused cement
Caratteristiche ForniRequires lining and insulation

1 floor slab; 2 vault arches; 1 steel door; 1 thermometer; Fastening brackets

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