COD. 43091
The VZ F7 professional circular wood-fired oven, inside diameter 130 cm, is suitable for medium and large pizzerias. It can hold up to 10-11 pizzas. At the optimum temperature of 350 °C, cooking times range from 90 to 120 seconds, meaning with three pizza chefs hourly volumes can reach 120 pizzas. The VZ F7 oven is made from high-alumina refractory castable that ensures both good refractory properties and mechanical tightness. The height of the dome from the oven floor and its parabolic shape ensure uniform heat across the thick floor, which in turn accumulates sufficient heat to manage peaks in cooking demand without declines in performance. The VZ F7 oven reduces wood consumption by half compared to other same-sized ovens.
Technical specifications

Oven dimensions

L 148 • P 178 • H 60 cm

Overall dimensions, including insulation

L 172 • P 190 cm


890 kg

Cooking surface

Ø 130 cm

Round chimney vent

Ø 25 cm

Inside H

44 cm

Entry dimensions

L 52 • H 29 cm

Cooking capacity

fino a 11 pizze da Ø 30 cm

Caratteristiche ForniRound chimney vent
Caratteristiche ForniPrecast oven
Caratteristiche ForniMade from fused cement
Caratteristiche ForniRequires lining and insulation


4 floor slabs; 4 vault arches; 1 steel door; 1 thermometer; 1 front panel; fastening brackets



01 Refractory floor slab for VZ F7 oven
02 Vault arches for VZ F7 oven
03 Rock wool panel (2 parts)
04 Entry arch for VZ F7 oven
05 Steel stand for VZ F7 oven
06 10 cm thick rock wool, density 100 (4 m2)
07 Lecamix Fast premixed screed (10 sacks)
08 Stainless steel finished front panel for VZ F7 oven
09 Painted sheet metal for VZ F7 oven
10 Steel bottom for VZ F7 oven
11 Round chimney connector


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