VZ RC system

Economical, functional and aesthetic

The VZ RC system is economical and does not alter the functions and the beauty of traditional open fireplaces; rather, using a sealed COR-TEN steel heat exchanger, it recovers a significant amount of the heat produced by the fireplace, and then distributes this uniformly throughout the room.

Discover the VZ RC System


Installation of the system does not affect the possibility to also use the fireplace for cooking food. The system is positioned in the floor of the fireplace (occupying a 10 cm deep space internally), the position where 80% of the heat produced by the fireplace is concentrated.

An electric fan installed under the floor of the fireplace, with a flow-rate of 250 m3/h, blows air through the heating chamber, where it is heated before being delivered into the room through the elegant outlets on the hood. The electric fan, complete with control unit, starts automatically when the temperature in the heat exchanger reaches 50°C, via a thermostat attached to the warm air outlet pipe.

The system can be installed on the following models:
VZ 100 MP, VZ 80 MP, VZ 90 M, VZ 80 M, VZ 80 KD-KS, VZ 80 MD MS, VZ 100 KD KS

The VZ RC system comprises:
1 COR-TEN steel heat exchanger
1 electric fan
1 control unit
2 ø 80 aluminium pipes, 1.5 m long
1 ø 100 aluminium pipe, 1.5 m long
2 white adjustable air outlets
6 pipe clamps

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